Why Join Us At CPI?

You may never worked with even anyone before with a much friendly environment and with a smart number of professionals where you could develop your skills minimum a bit than what you are right now. We can just assure that you will just love to work with our team. We believe we really love what we do here with CPI and you may also love your concentration to design. And we believe a company could be great only for their team behind it. That is why we always prefer to hire the best one…and we do everything to keep our team happy :)

Who we are and what we do!

We are a professional Image Editing company working to build a workplace where our clients will be satisfied only by our quality output. We do what we love…and we believe and love to Design. Here we do all about Image Editing with a clean and accurate output what our clients preferred to get. So your role would be design and edit the image upto per requirements only.

Our Team

Our current team is very smart and skilled providing image editing service everyday and making satisfied our clients based on regular editing for upto their specific requirements. So you may have something definitely to learn that you wants to know really.

Join Us!

To join us…first you need to send us your CV with details of your educational and institutional experiences if have any. Then our HR department will review all the information and will contact you for a live discussion if they think you are the right person for the post.

Available Vacancies

Currently we don’t have any available vacancies but you can look back regularly to this page to get update when any vacancies available. Then take the described steps.

Still you can email us your CV so that we can keep you stored in our record and try to contact you when a vacancy will be available matching with your skills.
E-Mail your CV at: career@clippingpathin.com