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Photo Manipulation is one of the many specialties you can avail from our website, which has provided consistently quality services to our clients over the years. In recent years, this technique has generated quite a following among ad agencies, and we have made sure that our clients get the best of services when they decide to avail of this technique.

photo manipulation service - ghost mannequin service
photo manipulation service – ghost mannequin service

This technique of photo editing is used to create something that seems seamless, and at the same time looks real. There are various implementations of this technique in the ad world, and with the boom of the internet, its demand is getting higher than ever. This technique is more widely known as photoshopping, or Airbrushing, as this is mostly done with the help of Photoshop, which is one of the leading photo editing software across the globe. Since the inception of this technique, a number of similar techniques have been created, and one of the most important and widely used techniques among them is that of Ghost Manipulation. This is mainly done in the field of fashion ads. A picture of any kind of clothing is clicked with it being on a mannequin, and then the parts of the mannequin that are visible are edited out, displaying only the clothing for ad purposes.

This technique is also known as Neck Join, as the neck of the mannequin and other main parts are edited out. The level of Ghost Mannequin depends on the requirements of the clients. Whether the clients need the photos to look completely different, or just partly different, we cater to each of their needs.

Our team works round the clock to deliver on time, and it is our guarantee that you will not be disappointed. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide all sorts of Photo Manipulation, ranging from speed effects to scenic, and perspective manipulation.

Clothing Neck Join is another type of service that we provide, and we have been doing so since the increase in the online fashion industry. Nowadays, people tend to buy their clothing attires online, and the descriptive photos needed, are edited through this process. This is also very similar to the use of the Neck Join technique.

The art of Clothing Neck Join requires more than simple skills, and expertise. It requires a vast amount of experience in the field and a different way to see images which can only be done through trained eyes. Our teams have experts who head the different projects that we take from different clients. A certain level of creativity is also required for projects, which require advanced photo editing jobs. Inexperienced designers, cannot carry these out as the look, and presentation of the photos may not be up to the mark. The way the parts of the mannequin have to be edited out needs stable hands so that no part of the attire gets chopped out as a result of the editing.

We are particularly famous among commercial publishing houses, which require a higher level of expertise than other fields. The edited pictures have to be flawless, so that the public may be able to know what the ad is trying to suggest and attract the public into buying the products. We promise to provide all these and much more to our clients.

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