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Your Privacy at CPI

CPI aware of your privacy where you will use our services to get your Image Editing task done. Here we will take risk of your giving information what you will share with us. It’s our promise that your information and all the data are very secure at our Server/House!

What information we collect from you?

Somewhere we may ask you to give your some kind of business/personal information to use with our website/services. The information could be your name, email address, company name, business/personal website, state/office-address, phone number etc.! With this information somewhere we give you membership access or file sharing protocol and other something we both will need wherewith. You just can give this type of information, without any hassle/tension/pressure we will not share that with anyone out of our server/office. We will only use that data/information to provide you better service, production and customer support.

Why we ask that type of information to you?

We may ask you to give us some of your information including email and website address. We do store that for our internal processing like internal information record and customer support etc. But that must be for within our internal purpose only.

Your data/images is 100% secure at our server/office!

When you will give your images we will send that to our production house and after made them done our QC(quality check) department will check the quality and then we will up them to your given directory where you wants that back. That’s it! With all the steps we’ve mentioned only we follow to complete a task. And without your prior permission, we do not use your images anywhere even at our website as sample. So it’s secured than you think.

Our Cookies Plan!

Cookie is a small file that works with your Local Drive and browser stores to locate and trace your browsing experiences with CPI. With the kind of Cookies strategy, we can works/develop our web content/program to give you a much better web experiences at CPI.

Submit a dispute to us…

We believe you will not get any miss-use of this privacy policy. If you get something has messed up then please don’t take a single second to write us your dispute at: We must seen and investigate at that issue and will be take steps quick.

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