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Our company is the most sought-after name among clients looking for implementing the Drop Shadow technique to make pictures life-like and fit for use in marketing activities. The images, and photos that are used for publishing and adverting needs to look real, and lifelike or else it would fail to attract the attention of the public.

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Generally when a picture is clicked, it is done so before a blue or green screen. So when the background of picture is changed, then the shadow of the item of the picture is also deleted. However, for the picture to look real, a shadow is necessary.

The technique of Shadow Making is for introducing a shadow in the picture similar to the one of the item. Most of the time, this technique is done to recreate the Natural Shadow of the item. Now, there are a number of ways to achieve this. Photoshop Shadow Creation is one such method to retain the original shadow of the item during editing, or introduce an artificial shadow during editing. Artificial shadows can be used to enhance the feel of the image, if the initial lighting conditions, and settings were not up to the mark. Our employees are highly trained in making the most of this technique to produce the best results for our clients.

Shadow Creation is mainly done to compliment the original context of the photograph taken. However how the shadow should be created, or tweaked entirely depends on the picture, and requirements of the company as to how the picture should look. Drop Shadow technique is now being used widely to transform images that look lifeless, and flat into something that is glossy, and dynamic.

A shadow is a simple requirement in the field of photography, and no one notices it much when it is present, but everyone seems to notice the shadow in its absence. Therefore, this technique is ideal for preventing the public from saying that the picture is not real. If the onlookers do not see a shadow, they tend to think that the picture is edited. However, give the image a shadow, and they tend to forget about the whole editing idea. Thus, we implement the technique of Photoshop Shadow Creation to introduce a shadow to increases the depth of the image, which helps in giving it a more realistic look.

Using the technology that is available today at the hands of photographers, and art directors, recreating the Natural Shadow of an image is not at all that challenging. This is mainly done by softening, and blending techniques which allow the shadow to look natural. When shadows are introduced in a picture, one can tell that the picture is raised from the ground, but if a shadow is not present, then it is hard enough to find the ground much less being able to notice that it is raised. In reality, the shadows introduced in the pictures with the help of Shadow Creation can be tweaked to look exactly like their original counterparts. We provide the best service on offer for intruding natural shadow into any picture, and render it life-like to provide our clients with the most effective images for their promotional activities.

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