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How to Share a Dropbox File or Folder?

Well…as we’ve experienced till now working with many of our clients, some of them asked me how they would share a Dropbox folder and I have guided them separately via email instructions. But today I am just going to write detail instructions for all of our clients and visitors.

What is Dropbox and how it works?

Dropbox is mainly a Microsoft Company providing online file store and sharing services worldwide. For the primary users, they offer 2.5 Gigabytes of space for storage and share their files. And for premium users, they offer 50 Gigabyte space. They have also desktop and mobile app to be updated and sync all the files cloud. Let’s see how to share a file or folder from Dropbox.

Step 01
First, you need to login to your Dropbox folder. If you do not have an account you can create an account going here maybe a bottom ‘sign up’ button appears.

Step 02
After login, you will see an upload button like the screenshot below. Click on that and click again into the Choose File button from pop-up dialogue, then select your files from local drive. So you will see the upload progress in the middle of the page. After complete click on done.

the image reference of dropbox upload button

Step 03
Then right-click on that file or folder you uploaded or want to share and click on share there you will see two options one is “invite people you collaborate…” another is “send link”. If you want to share with specific people then you could select the first option so you will be asked for an email address of the people you want to collaborate with. Or if you want the link that you will share with the people using email or another way. So the content will show to them who will have the link and click on.
Please see the screenshot below as a details reference.

image that show how to share dropbox file

I hope it is clear now that you will able to share your Dropbox File or Folder with people you want to share with.

Also, nowadays, smartphone app is much popular like Desktop or Web App. You know smartphone is every hands/pockets this days, we even use smartphone to read ebook(best pdf reader app for android). So, you can download Dropbox app to your smartphone to utilize your smartphone in order to upload your images.

> Dropbox has a limit of 2.5 GB space for primary free users, so you will able to share within this size of the file.
> If you are our one of the client and believe that your file size bigger than 2.5 GB then you can ask us for an FTP account with unlimited space going here…
> Please don’t close the browser or tab until you finished the file upload.

Thanks for your time. Stay with us for more updates. Cheers 🙂

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