Working with so many local and overseas clients for their verities image editing tasks, we have experienced that, there are some people who require to change their image color format to CMYK before start photograph post-processing especially for PRINTING purpose. And we just simply do it using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator application.

We believe there is a large number of Photographers who did this on their own but when the image number got to be big or related to some other tasks then they like to leave it to some image editing professionals, individuals or companies like us.

By the kind of Adobe Photoshop application, the tasks go very easy only maintaining a few steps with. Here we tried to describe those steps on how to change images color format from RGB to CMYK. Required Adobe Version: Minimum Adobe Photoshop CS3 – CC

Open Your Adobe Photoshop Application

Make sure your Adobe Photoshop application is open. If you did not installed it yet please visit to get the latest adobe version and installed it. You will get detail instructions there how to install it on your machine. So, I thought you are ready with a minimum Adobe CS3 version and made sure that open now.

Open an image that you want to convert to CMYK from RGB

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Open any image or which you want to convert to CMYK. To open an image, just seek or drop the image file into Photoshop or click on File(from main menu bar), and click on open. Then just select the images and open that. The image will be open with all the available tools on your Photoshop version.

Then follow the instructions below to change [...]